Reflections on Jan 2022

As January comes to a close I reflect upon the opportunities which have presented themselves thus far offering growth through introspection and sharing my journey with others. I realize I speak of my journey as though I am comfortable with it. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It is my dedication to striving to be a better person each and every day of which I am truly celebrating. Being consistent, showing up for myself, and through that helping others to understand that if I can, you can as well. Much of what I have learned about myself throughout the years is that I have suppressed myself in the mistaken belief that dimming my light and sacrificing my wants, needs, and desires to fulfill another is service unto your fellow man.

Many of us are givers, caretakers, and healers have been taught to allow others to syphine off of our energy by convincing us that our boundaries of empathy and validation are nothing more than demanding respect inexchange for respect. This is not an “I’ll respect you if you respect me” thing. This an I am respectful and as such my cover charge for access to me is empathy and validation. Speaking to me with dignity and respect is never demanding too much.

~Blessings & Salutations~


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