I must begin this with the truth because that is just who I am and why many don’t like me I am brutally honest! I really didn’t know where this blogging and internet presence was taking me. All I knew was I was moving forward for the first time in many years with my dis-ease and I tried to bring everyone with me because I just knew no one wanted to remain where Western Medicine left them!

Because I had no direction this had to evolve organically. My journey has had many hills, mountains, and large bodies of water to traverse to get here however I have grown and I have discovered a direction to go and a realization that not everyone wants to jump on board and that is OK…

As such this has become exactly as it was designed to be my personal health journey. Through my journey, I blogged here that I wanted to find products conducive to the human body and I have. Those products can be found at https://LifeAdvantage.today/

Today my health is far improved from what it once was when I started this blog and I expect it to continue to improve as I move into the “it’s a miracle” realm!

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