This time a year ago…

TMI WARNING: Turnaround, go back if you don’t like uncomfortable subjects… You’ve been warned.

This time a year ago…I was too sick and scared to share about what was happening to me as I laid in my living floor on a queen sized mattress my husband brought out for me because climbing the stairs to use the facilities and get back up them was too much for me and but not because of my CRPS. It was because of sever abdominal pain, six weeks doubled over unable to move most days. As we all know opioids cause constipation, I also have a physical impairment to my intestines that compounds the constipation issue, essential my colon is slow, retarded in action. [To those freaking out right this moment because I dare use that word… Grow up! Look up the word and use it in it’s proper context not the informal and offensive use.] Because of this impairment of function the pills and a lack of hydration did a number on my ability to live.

Figuring I just needed to poop, didn’t go to my doctor right away until I started experiencing symptoms they tell you to seek medical attention immediate if you experience. I first sought the advice of my general practitioner, who then sent me on to a specialist.

The specialist was apprehensive to do explorative test because of my age, not 50 yet. So, I got pushy because of not only the sever pain inhibiting my ability to function but the blood coming from my backside frightened the sh¡t out of me as I’ve never had anal bleeding, not even a hemorrhoid. Finally the doctor agreed, we set a date for a week out and discussed not only how to prep for the procedure but how to maintain a healthy bowl.

This is where I seriously frustrated him with my anti-chemical lifestyle, his lack of knowledge over what CRPS is and how I refuse to go backwards in my recovery turning the prognosis of continued deterioration around.

Miralax is poly(ethyelene) glycol derived from the MAIN compound found in antifreeze. I am opposed to drinking antifreeze even if it is sweet, even if in small amounts is isn’t deadly. The very action it is used to evacuate your bowels is the very process of the body attempting to rid it of the poison. Magnesiun citrate on the other hand isn’t a poison it is a mineral that is required by the body for proper function on various levels and yet… Not something they recommend even though it will help to regulate your bowels movements when taken as a supplement or purchased as a liquid for constipation it works quickly and generally without the cramping other laxatives cause. In my personal experience.

What did they discover? Pre-cancerous adenoma polups. I go back in four years, now, for a repeat of the colonoscopy as this cancer is slow growing most generally. My point here is don’t let age deter you from discovering what’s wrong, don’t allow yourself to be dissuaded from being concerned if you’re concerned and the symptoms point to the need to be concerned. Doctors are hired for a discovery of the facts, the options available, and their opinion/assessment of the facts. What they are not hired to do is decide for you what course of treatment YOU are most comfortable pursuing.


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