Post Holidays Update

Had a great holiday. Christmas Eve we entertained company, Christmas day I cooked the entire meal and kept the kitchen clean in the process, got a nap after dinner and started to get achy.

So, I took a pain pill rather than trusting the tincture I’ve started making myself would address the discomfort long enough to allow me some sleep. To my complete dismay my pain was relieved enough to sleep but I awoke six times in three hours I was in bed because of extreme itching. See I have a sensitivity to natural opioids, basically an allergy to the very medication prescribed to me to provided me some relief. Lolol talk about an oxymoron.

That left me awake at 3AM yesterday morning until the medication wore off some time around 7AM when I was able to finally medicate and sleep which takes another 45 minutes or so to take effect. I refuse to mix alcohol with prescriptions and I use alcohol as my extraction solvent. I suppose if I would go ahead and break it down to the Phoenix Tears form I could overt the need to wait however I don’t find the form of delivery or the residual loss of the medication palatable.

Last night I medicated with the tincture… I got a steady 3 hours before I started flip flopping about because of hip pain from the battery site. I am two years post removal and I expected to be better by now not still experiencing unfathomable pain continually.


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