Ahead of My Time Peaking Before Season

In the seventh grade, I bought canvas high top LA Gear shoes. I was teased, ridiculed, and mocked about my cloth shoes… The next year, the popular girls were wearing LA Gear canvas shoes.

On popular hair cuts… The husband looks around says to me “Your hair was cut like that last year, and you cut your own hair.” Yes, it’s out there I cut my own mop, after paying a ton of money for someone else to screw it up… I cut my own thank you. 🤣

For awhile I’ve been wanting to speak up about preparedness. I didn’t want to sound like chicken little with “The Sky is Falling!” and out of fear kept quiet. But the facts are that each winter I try to talk to my offspring about emergency kits for their cars, emergency rations and supplies for the home… It annoys them, I know and I am sure they humor me much of the time. However, the older they get tho I think they might be starting to listen.

Few months back our government issued a quiet press release stating that during a regional disaster where the government needs to step in and help out, they will be delayed, slow to respond, and recommended food storages beyond the recommended 3 days to 2 weeks. I wrote a blog article discussing this and then sat on it again out of fear of ridicule. I already tout a controversial approach to managing my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and a few other diagnoses.

I published that article the day Alaska had it’s quake. In it I recommend we look to others for inspiration like the LDS church, who at one time taught their congregation to store a year of food, per person. Well, again our government again has quietly issued a lengthy report on the possibility of grid down complications for whatever reason and the hardships projected during these “what if situations” are huge. The projection of electrical blackouts is anywhere from 3-6 months upwards of 20 years of compounded issues in any given situation be it from terrorist attacks, natural disasters locally, or simultaneously on a global scale.

These are not my ‘what if’s” but the scenarios my own government has come up with. In that there is no give up in me and I am a survivor by nature I cannot wait around and hope someone shows up to save me with the words “I am from the government and I am here to help you.” because the words “I am a doctor, take these pills they will help you.” didn’t work out so well.


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