The Struggle Goes On

Not sure if I really need to write anything here I think the title says it all without telling the tale. Besides negotiating the insurance claim process, holidays without family near and CRPS on a daily basis I realize I am doing myself a dis-justice not listening to the wise words of the United States Government. [I think I just choked on those words.] However, the fact remains they are telling us we need to be self-sufficient in the event of a local, regional or national emergency or disaster because they are not going to be able to respond with the same swiftness they have in the past.

This may mean we are on our own, without the ability to re-up on supplies for an extended period of time. Including medications, batteries for our pain relieving devices or the ability to charge the batteries we have. To look at what can be done to become more self-reliant in our state of chronic and debilitating illness lets take a few lessons from those who have been self-reliant during hard times most recently in our history and look at the Church of Latter Day Saints. The church encourages self-reliance, teaching to have a year’s worth of supplies, food, and medications on hand for your entire family, and animals. This by no means – means that you should round up a list and start filling it. Instead, we need to use what we store and store what we use.

Why am I discussing preparedness? Because it is something that unless we think about being self-reliant we will become victims or our own circumstances and I am done being a victim. I refuse to be a victim to CRPS, Western medicine, or Mother Nature if I can help it and the only way to do that is to help myself. That started with not eating processed foods, with the current rise in food cost because of crop failures it is time to think seriously about food storage. Right now we could go 3 months before we had to rely upon the government for food with what we currently have.

With the earthquake in Alaska today I believe I should have published this when I wrote it. Our prayers go out all of Alaska. With 40,000+ out of power and the devastation of the area during the coldest time of the year, I am sure that there are many we southerners could learn from in how to be prepared to be on your own for an extended period of time. 



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