Kenehamon Schnapps

Yesterday, I made what I like to call Kenehamon Schnapps Tincture from scratch(ish). What I mean is, as with everything, I am trying to make it from as pure of ingredients as possible. This meant instead of Red Hots the recipe called for [The ingredients of Red Hots include corn syrup, sucrose, acacia, carnauba wax, confectioner’s glaze, and artificial flavors including the artificial coloring ingredient red No. 40.] to flavor and color the tincture, I used cinnamon sticks and honey to recreate the Hot Damn or Fireball flavored liquor.

To do this I steeped the broken cinnamon sticks in 200 ml of grain alcohol over a low heat, in a well-ventlated room adding alcohol as needed, for 5 hours along with 5 grams of cannabis to create a flavored concentrate. As this is a work in progress and my first attempt to create a grain alcohol tincture infusion I cut corners and bought the cinnamon flavored alcohol to add to the mixture as I didn’t want to heat all the alcohol. Next time I think I will be recreating the cinnamon liquor completely rather than buying it. That will require planning on my part and something I am not really good at, I tend to “wing it” more times than not.

Let me just say I think it smelled yummy while it was cooking, taste even better than I expected, and is quite effective. I slept like a baby after taking a shot of the concoction. As I am medication free these days sleeping well the night through is a rarity. This is new ground I am covering here both in that I am new to making extracts as I have been “old school” and simply smoked to find relief from this dreaded disease, as well as, discussing it openly. As it is we are still illegal on a federal level but state laws are changing at a local level. People are seeing first hand the benefits of the plant, understanding the science behind why it does work and finding new and better ways of ingesting the magic healing the plant offers.

All I can say at this point in time is HURRAY FOR THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM & a way to support it without toxic chemicals called medications!

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