I learned about Telomeres a while back or so I thought. Actually, I heard about them years back when the HIV epidemic swept the nation when they spoke of T-cells, well, recently I learned telomeres are apart of the t-cell development and I just happened on to a video about how this individual has actually lengthened his telomeres. This means effectively he has lengthened his life taking what tested out at 37 years of age at age 34 to 20 years of age at the physical age of 37. I know who wants to lengthen their life living with CRPS.

I believe there is a connection to the telomeres and our body functioning at peak health which is what we are not doing currently and as such our bodies are failing.

How? I do not know yET. I had to stop the video in play to let this sink in at 4:56 am awakened again by cramps, electrical dysfunction through my claves and mild pain. Not enough to medicate with pills but more than I can sleep with. Anyhow, I am going to go back to the video absorb what I can and hope the new youtube algorithm will lead me down a productive rabbit-hole but when I figure this out more I will get back to you.


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