Gaining Control

I know I have struggled with organization all my life. Like many, I have a cluttered home. It is less than some and more than others. What hadn’t occurred to me during my struggle to find health and wellness, until today, was that I had already begun to adopt better organizational skills without realizing it. My pantry is already on the verge of minimalism. I understand being a minimalist, it isn’t about less, it is about more. More time to have for things you really need to concentrate on.

More is Less, Less is More.

OH NO! I am starting to sound like a soundbite out of George Orwell’s 1984 with my double speak. Thing is it is true, we bog ourselves down with saving every little thing, holding onto and yet never look at, touching or really enjoying any of it. Much of the time it is because the work to care for its existence along with any pain which may be associated, well, it is overwhelming and we just do not have the time or the energy to deal with it. So what do we do? We shove it into a cabinet, a box or just the corner in a heap and yet, we are constantly making room to accommodate the next emotional fix.

I’ve Got a Secret.

Though the experience is brief, it is ever so satisfying with a hit of dopamine delivering the satisfaction we are missing in our everyday lives and advertising agencies understand this. We are targeted to purchase items we don’t need, don’t use and didn’t like in the first place. Our children are so overwhelmed by the overload of choices nothing holds any special value but we all have a bunch of junk and there may be a hidden treasure but you’ve got to dig deep to find it. Keep in mind this may feel hopeless but I assure you it is not. If we have been trained to shop, so can we be untrained to shop.

What Now?

Having moved into a big house from living in a tiny space along with having a bit of a pack rat mentality – I am left with more than I want to focus on or try to keep straightened up in case someone happens to come over. With this decision, with this commitment to better living rather than just surviving, anything I haven’t worn in a year, gone. Doesn’t fit just right, gone. I don’t feel good in it, not the right color palette for my coloration, gone-gone-gone. Tossing these things into a box and set it aside for four weeks. Once four weeks has passed anything left in the box is delivered to the Goodwill, freecycled out or sold promptly. Meaning set a deadline as to when it must move or be moved-on via donation or the trash.

What’s Next?

Next, I start going through the hoard of paperwork I have to file away. Boxes move easier than file cabinets but file cabinets function better than boxes. After that, we are down to the bobbles and trinkets to assess and with less to dust, wash or pick up to vacuum I have more time for me, more time to search for answers to my questions, ponder the data, and share the resulting theories with you. That is if you are so inclined to listen. So here is my approach. Like with diet there is no one size fits all, in my opinion, we are all individuals with individual needs. That said there are some common steps we all must take to declutter our lives besides removing toxic people and chemicals from it…

Where to Start?

  1. Love it, Use it, Fix it or Lose it!
  2. If you are keeping it find it a home, now!
  3. Stop bring in more stuff! Ask yourself: Does this item add value to my life?

Good luck with your lifestyle upheaval. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it something we ever stop working at, it only becomes easier.


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