Weather, CRPS & NO BINGO tonight…

Because of the inflammatory aspect of this condition many of us contend with pain related to weather changes and sometimes we have to beg out from attending social situations due to the pain we are dealing with. Today is nothing I haven’t dealt with before this is not the worse pain I have ever felt, the thing is I am restless, fidgety and I just cannot concentrate. [Been writing this for 3 hours now.] Why? Maybe it has something to do with the changes in the barometric pressure changes that are happening similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis or maybe it is the processed sugars I still partake in from time to time, ok almost weekly recently – and no I really have no room to complain at this juncture because of this, or maybe it is both. Like everyone here I shop at the very same grocery stores, everyone else does, and there is so little for us that is fordable and good for you without a crapton of sugar added. Hidden sugars at that, hidden in that you don’t realize they are there when you eat it but damn it is good. That is the food industries little dirty secret, while you are actively on the warpath against drug addiction and the damage it does to lives they are sneaking in sugar because of its addictive properties that keep you coming back for more. Just like a good junky does.

It is hard to not be bombarded at every turn by that which I know well I should avoid but at BINGO, which is about the only social event I attend with the girlfriends, sells nothing I can safely eat and refuses to allow me to bring in my own. After a while, you realize there are only so many battles you can handle at a time and many times you just give in because it is going to be painful either way and well what the hell. Tonight is BINGO and I have begged out because it feels like an icepick is being shoved into my knee pretty sure it is both the weather and what I have been eating affecting my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome maybe it is neither and I am only deluding myself I feel better making these changes… No, just like the fact you cannot fake this condition and get a diagnosis you cannot fake feeling better with this condition.

Think I will find a Youtube Rabbit-Hole to fall into tonight and give myself a manicure. No polish, I have yet to buy any nontoxic polish. However, I can still control these horrifically dry, cracked cuticles, exfoliate and moisturize my hands. First an at-home spa treatment with a hot, soaking, bath in Epsom salts, baking soda, and borax. While I soak do a Honey&Hemp Oil hair mask and a Coconut&Hemp facial/body scrub. Followed by a slathering of my warming oil from neck to toes and some moisturizing serum I’ve whipped up on my face, then my manicure for sure. My promise to myself and you in turn… There will never be anything chemically based or purchased here in my skincare. You will never start into a read on my blog or get halfway through a video find me saying “Here is the recipe for this and I am all natural but here look at this eye serum I found I just cannot live without. Unless I can safely say it is all natural.” Nope won’t happen. I will always investigate every ingredient to the point that I feel it is a naturally occurring and safe enough for me to give it a try. I will not share with you anything I personally do not use myself.


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