I am Thankful (01)
Day 01

This is November, as you probably know it is the month of Thanksgiving and people have started to celebrate the Thirty Days of Thankfulness. However, what you may not know is it is also National Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Month and my birthday. A little backstory here: As a child, I developed the mindset that my birthday was just another day of the year simply because it falls inconveniently right after Thanksgiving and no one remembers it until the day passes or they are still gone on family vacation upon its arrival. Regardless of this mindset, this year is different, maybe it is I am turning 49, my mother-in-law did pass at age 49 and 364 days. Maybe it is that I have regained lost youth, life, and vibrancy that CRPS has sucked from me for the past 7 years, and still takes from me just not like it was, but as my special day approaches there is a bit of extra introspection this time around the sun for me.

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I am Thankful (02)
Day 02

Of course, I think about the obvious… not only about where I am, but where I have come from, and more importantly where I am headed there is then the gravity this year has presented itself with that really gets me thinking. This year started with me in bed most of the first six weeks of the year followed by recuperating from an emergency exploratory surgery and biopsy results I’d kept to myself until recently. Then before I could be well long enough to discuss a trip to see my oldest daughter, her children and significant other; my ex, his wife and meet their son – I am finding out my ex-husband has suddenly passed at age 47 while out and about on an outing alone on the river after a snowstorm. Next, we drove to Idaho to attend the wedding of a close family member only to be systematically uninvited to attend, to then be accused of jilting the bride on social media. Afterward, I spent three weeks with my mom because she got down in her back ultimately throwing me off my feed because it is hard to cook for two-two different meals. She doesn’t see the merit of these changes because she believes she is too old and because she hasn’t discovered her dietary needs, my diet isn’t necessarily the right one for her. Which then took time to rebound from because of my affliction with CRPS. Finally, I say finally at this juncture, we discovered our hot water tank ruptured, flooding our cellar causing not only a headache to clean up but structural damage, as well. [watch the video here]

I am Thankful (03)
Day 03

By this point it is just the first week of October, we still have three months to go and I am shaking my head wondering if this is the end or just the beginning. Despite everything I have endured and all that has occurred just this year alone, I am determined to be as positive as I can, to not be cynical or sarcastic. Which might be a stretch for me, if I were… to tell the truth. Oh, wait that’s what I just did. I am hell-bent to continue to keep my pain to a minimum by all means necessary and at my disposal. We already know it will react though not giving it a physical reason to start is a really good place to start in my opinion. So, besides diet and limiting chemical exposure in our daily lives, I must keep the emotional state “ZEN”.

I am Thankful (04)

To do that introspection into a more positive way of thinking is my next step then off to pampering me because as I mentioned it is my birthday, I am not getting any younger and all those compliments of “Your skin is so beautiful.” are only going to slow to a stop if I don’t take care of what I have. Watch for how to reproduce my careline and beauty tips to come. I must admit taking care of myself, my body inside and out has been one of the last things on my to-do list until – you guessed it – until CRPS.

At the beginning of my illness journey, I was looking to medicine to fix me through therapy or surgery or even that magic pill or shot. That is what medicine is for, isn’t it, to fix what’s wrong with us? Today, I realize that medicine in all its modalities is a plethora of money-making schemes. Yes, I said schemes short of using the word Ponzi in conjunction with the word scheme I am accusing medicine of being a money-making model based upon the ideals and teaching where the symptoms are managed, the patient’s concerns are only quelled not relieved and the word “CURE” is a threat. Being the absolute farthest thing from what medicine is designed to do. Of course, that is not to say you should utilize my opinions, theories, and ideas in place of a licensed professional opinion, I still attend doctor appointments myself discussing what I am doing with him. Talk to your licensed professional collaborate over alternative options. If it isn’t something your doctor believes will help because it isn’t taught in his books, thousands of years of historically helping individuals and the fact that western medicine root is based in what is now alternative medicine, help to change their mind through the examples myself and others are sharing openly to spread the word of hope instead of the hopelessness we have been left with by medicine.

But for now, here was the start of my Thirty Days of Thankfulness I would like to invite you to follow me on social media, I am also challenging you to not wait but to start a list your own today, it is never too late to start or start over.


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