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I started this journey with nothing more of a game plan than to discover what was wrong with me and then to fix it. Because of this, I have discovered, rediscovered, expanded and incorporated ideas and theories, both old and new, which I’ve allowed to evolve within me. A while back I started this random blog post that I didn’t publish until just the other day titled I AM: ELECTRIFYING, throwing around the idea the body and its natural occurring electricity is powerful. I didn’t publish at the time because I thought what I was saying to have no intrinsic value, be irrelevant to the subject matter of getting healthier or living a fuller life and yet over time, I started discussing with my collaborative team, and that would be me, myself, my husband, & I, the idea our bodies are, in fact, batteries. Only to, later on, find videos with scientific data to back up those very ideas.

My thoughts are if I get things running optimally, all else will fall in line. With nothing for the condition to attack or attach to there can be no symptoms and just like before I knew I had this disease… effectively, I am cured… Right? No. It doesn’t. I may achieve remission but the reality of it is I had this before I knew it, or … Or what? Or it was acquired and no one is saying I acquired it. Therefore, I had it before I became afflicted by it. But what if it was acquired? What if it was actually engineered? See, I ask these question because I fell down a rabbit-hole of “Phage” last night.

source – Sullivan MB, Coleman ML, Weigele P, Rohwer F, Chisholm SW. Three Prochlorococcus Cyanophage “Phage” Genomes: Signature Features and Ecological Interpretations. PLoS Biology Vol. 3/5/2005, e144 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0030144

Yep, I thought the very same thing… “what the phage?” is that. Apparently, they are what we have depended upon for hundreds of years to combat bacterial infections and what we are starting to return to as more and more bacteria become antibiotic resistant. I discussed earlier the body being a bioengineered vessel… What if it really were and what if the hundreds of thousands of viruses and diseases were too? What if some of them were designed to aid the body and what if everything modern western medicine was teaching us was in direct conflict with these designed mechanisms? What if everything we are taught about modern medicine was completely wrong and is actually manufactured to make a fortune off of individuals like you and me? Then maybe we should be looking at the treating physicians with more decerning eyes.

So let’s talk about phages, where they come from, how we got here to this phase of medicine and where we could go from here with the knowledge. What does the word phage mean? Well, it is a shortened version of the Greek word bacteriophages meaning “bacteria eater,” Where do they come from? They come from the environment and they are abundant everywhere, in dirt, the oceans, ponds, even the sewer  — they are found in any form of life harboring their target. What do they do? It is the responsibility of the phages to balance things. If the phages are out of balance so is the environment within which the phage is found.


Because a cocktail of phages cannot be patented due to the state of its existence being natural versus created another company could come up with a similar cocktail finding it just as effective and as such, there is no money to be made in it. Antibiotics, on the other hand, are designer and the lucrative logical business decision. But at what cost? Ultimately our health. Many are turning to the former Soviet Union country of Georgia where the practice of the use of phages is standard medicine with a historical track record of over 80 years treating patients with various conditions like acne, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, lung infections, colitis, Clostridium difficile, Lyme, skin infections, intestinal infections, dysbiosis — and most types of bacterial infections as well as sinusitis and non-healing wounds. When applying a holistic, integrative approach to the treatment of chronic patients not only is the infection cleared but also the patients’ general health is significantly improved.

What could this mean for individuals such as myself and others? Granted we don’t think CRPS is bacterial related but what if phages were still related somehow to the function of the body. Do we not fight prolific candida overgrowth throughout the body? I get that it is a fungal infection but an infection none the less. Maybe phages are not the answer specifically but understanding them may lead to something. I’m about balance and letting nature take it’s course whenever possible, I believe nature, as we know it, has the answers to our health concerns. Take for instance the understanding that medicine came from the use of plants to heal, the body has the ability to heal itself with positive energy and you open a door of healing that may have more possibilities than even I can dream of. I believe God gave us this Eden and in it is all we need.

A little side note here: Interestingly enough, fifteen years ago my husband and I discussed the very aspect of allergies in the children of our kids’ generation. We surmised, without evidence, I might add, the problem was the sterile environment we were raising our children in and the lucrative germophobia plaguing our commercial world. We believed, that keeping children away from dirt was of more harm to them than good. Today, everything is resistant, basic soap and water with a towel to dry is preferred to antibacterial solutions and hot air drying and I am discovering my very thoughts all those years back were right on track with the current science being presented. Maybe peaking before “Season” has its benefits.



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