November was declared across the United States of America as “National Complex Region Pain Syndrome” month in 2015? Did you know there was an official awareness ribbon and it isn’t orange and that in fact, the use of the orange ribbon is an infringement of the copyright protected by an animal rights organization called Animal Guardians”?

Official CRPS Awareness Ribbon.

The CRPS community has it’s own copyright-protected National Awareness Ribbon through RSDHope.org which is shown to the left, a multi-colored flame ribbon representing the burning pain of CRPS! Rather than utilizing any one single color, especially one already in use and/or copyright protected by another cause, the CRPS/RSD Community decided fifteen+ years ago that the flame-colored ribbon better represented our disease than any single-color ribbon ever could.

Thus the Multi-colored Flame ribbon displayed to your left,  symbolizes the intense burning pain most patients experience every day of their CRPS-life. To unite the entire CRPS Community under one banner, one flag, one ribbon across the entire United States, including the internet, and around the globe!

As such, I am giving my ribbon of choice a makeover… So far I like this ribbon best.



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