How do I detox? I recharge my battery.

Firstly, let me say detoxing my body, spirit, and mind started with my diet and chemical exposure. From there I started shutting out toxic people from my daily interactions because they are battery drainers rather than chargers. Interestingly enough it is the negative that gives the charge to the battery to make it positive, therefore when you are negative you are giving away your energy. Therein giving credence to the fact that negative people heal slower than those who carry a positive attitude because they have given away all the power they possess to heal with.

From time to time not all negative individuals can be removed from the equation. As such the next step plays into how you contend with those you cannot contend with and that is boundaries. You have to set boundaries with not only those around you but more importantly with yourself. Without them, you will run out of spoons before you know it. {Research “pain spoon theory”.]


Understand, the levels with which you allow others to expect of you is that by which you will not live up to said expectations. As you are the master of your existence and you must take the reins or someone else will. When you allow others to dictate to your path of recovery, your idea of relaxation, you-you will find misery, pain, and dysfunction simply because you will be dwelling upon that with which you have given away, your level of control.

So what do I do? *I continue to eat my (as much as possible) free-range, grass-fed, no antibiotics meats, non-GMO, organic, low-carb, low to no lectins dietary protocol with minimal dairy added probiotics and prebiotics from homebrewed kombucha. I use unfiltered honey, raw sugar, clarified butter, avocado oil, non-iodized sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, garlic… I make bone-broth at home from the leftover chicken or beef bones…

This means little to no nitrates, preservatives, or processed ingredients. No unsaturated fats, no fake sugars, no substitute anything it is full fat all the way. If it is premix or premade I figure out how to make it from scratch. [Example: Green Bean Casserole doesn’t involve opening any cans of cream of mushroom soup] AND NO PORK! It is considered a neurotoxin. There are alternatives to bacon beside the standard fakon, I mean turkey bacon, we find readily in the stores and that is beef bacon. I believe it is the best substitute there is and today prefer it to what I recall bacon did taste like.


[TIP: When pan frying or baking facon aka turkey bacon I use either clarified butter or coconut butter. Both are a saturated fat thus will penetrate the meat causing it to fry just like, almost, pork bacon.]

What else do I do? I take hot soaking Epson salts, baking soda, and borax baths upwards of three times a week. Nothing really changes when I detox other than I shut down. I own no one nothing. My time is my time to rest, answer to no one but me and if I am tired or hungry or cold or whatever. I then engage in my enjoyment tasks if I so choose to. Therapy only if I am up to it and not every down day is due to upped pain. Some are to prevent pain from rising.

Plus, I drink my bathwater now sorta, I make this adrenal cocktail of orange juice, salt, magnesium, potassium, and borax. Yes, borax, it is a natural salt and in a battery set up, it will vigorously attract the negative charge to the positive charge. I also spike my homemade tea with the very same magnesium, salt, and borax. If you haven’t research on how important borax is to the muscles and bones it will amaze you. Again, this isn’t a cure, not everyone will experience the same results as I have, your results could be better. We are constantly engaging in the S.A.D. way of life we were programmed into believing was not harmful.


So, regardless as to if you are battling a chronic illness or not, I ask you what does it hurt to stop damaging the bioengineered body you possess, in fact, the only one you will ever possess and take as good of or better care of it than we do our cars we trade off. Keep in mind those dishes, they will wait as you slowly washing them through the day taking eight hours to wash one sink full and vacuuming can wait till tomorrow if you are not up to it today. Most important is to get your body functioning back as it should and that my friend will take time. It took time to break down, it will take time to heal. That said with time your energy levels should noticeably improve when you get the right mix of fuel for your body. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, there are guidelines to follow [*see above] but your diet will be specific to your body,

Optimized-medical-sister NOT
I am not a doctor, I do not claim to have ever been one and I certainly do not play one on TV.

I am simply here to share my journey with you and show you there are alternative to what we are offered via Western medicine alone that’s it, not instruct you on how your body will best respond that you have to figure out on your own. I am sharing with you the alternatives that have changed my life I am no one special, just an individual willing to share what I am discovering works for me, what I am trying and how I am failing because it is all apart of the intricacies of how we get our bodies to function optimally.

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