When Disaster Strikes

… or you have a mechanical failure, stuff happens. Picture this… I had literally just physically commented on a social media post I believe in any given situation “how you respond to a situation is 90% of the equation.”

Only to have a situation happen that could have literally left me standing knee deep in water making every word I said irrelevant. Giving every negative pessimist a foothold to say “bullshit Lisa things happen that are 90% of the problem…”

Really? Really? Then try this one on for size and explain to me how my reaction to this is only 10% of how it ultimately affects me, mind you this is the only day one. It is an ongoing issue, where the initial response and clean up isn’t the end of it.

Days consisting of trying to finding service providers who service our neck of the woods and issues exacerbated by the water that no longer is something we have the luxury of waiting to address is what we are contending with now. Not the zen lifestyle of healing energy we are always hearing and falling short of.

In all this I’ve really not missed a beat, I did take an elevated pain day. Though what you might take into consideration is there was a weather system pushing through at the same time and for the first time since moving here it drizzled a slow soaking rain and snow intermixed for three days.

If this had been an optional disaster happening, had we known hot water tanks can rust through this never would have happened now that we know it won’t ever happen again that all said if I could have picked when this happened… A few weeks back when it was warm enough to really evaporate the water would have been a better time frame to start this in my shocked homeowner opinion.

As it is, things are going fairly well, unlike the natural disaster going on I still have my home, I have a fireplace to keep warm and things could have been worse.

Chin up and push forward, today is a new day.


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