Good, Bad, & the Ugly

We all have good and bad days it’s the natural rhythm of life. Being positive in the middle of chronic illness is difficult, to say the least. People look to you as though you’re this pillar of strength, that no matter what you’re gonna face each coming obstacle with grace and fortitude…

Yeah, no. A person always falls short someplace. There is always going to be those certain days when no matter what your emotions are all over the place when interacting with people is best left to those who get you.

Today’s a very difficult day for me, verge of tears, argued with my husband because of a misunderstanding of words used indicated a plan change not discussed that hasn’t changed. I’m raw, today, tired, overwhelmed… all factors contributing to the elevated pain and discomfort of crps already happening with the weather changes. (Heavy Sigh)

Boils down to today sucks ass and I am alone because to discuss my anguish with my spouse will only upset him. So, put on my game face, bury my pain and push on. God, this eye has GOT to stop twitching!


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