Fermented Foods

My journey around how I’ve done what I have changed my level of function from none to independence centers around my diet mainly at this point. My cleaning with nontoxic ingredients creating compounds for laundry, general cleaning, sanitizing and such was fairly short-lived. Only so many combinations of oils can be tried out before you become overwhelmed by the smells. Plus there really are only so many things one needs to clean with. It has all come down to us using the following in some combination or alone: peroxide, lemon juice, washing soda, borax, white vinegar, vodka (not for drinking) and essential oils alongside store-bought plant-based laundry detergent, biodegradable dish soaps with no (if you can find it locally) or minimal fragrance, and a bit of bleach now and again. Personal care items I try to stick to plant-based products bought in bulk through an online source. I don’t use any stay young slather it all over your body products, perfumes, antiperspirants, and makeup is minimal…

Apparently, diet has more to do with everything the body does than any other single organ. If the gut is imbalanced the entire body malfunctions. Read up, binge watches some video whatever it takes to educate yourself as to the vast control your abdominal area has over the body. Anyhow, you’re asking me how I do it… Today’s dinner is roast, potatoes & gravy with green beans and a soda. Yep, a soda. I’m not about denial I’m about moderation in the truest sense of the word. Three soda’s a month not three a day or a week. I’m trying fermented foods such as kimchi, fruit, and kombucha to start with. So far I’m concentrating on the kombucha because it is so much easier but my point is I’m working on balancing my gut pro and prebiotics after having allowed my gut to heal and began addressing the candida overgrowth caused by the disruption to the parasympathetic system.

Remember this is a journey for me. I’m not here to tell you how to do it yourself, I’m here to share with you my research, my process, my idea, my thought, my theories. What you take from this I hope is hope in possibilities. The possibility of finding a better way to exist both in illness and in health.


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