What happened to the inclusion diet?

I haven’t forgotten. Life tries to derail us from time to time but in the end, things have slowed down enough for me to start the reintroduction process. It certainly goes much easier the second time around because you are already familiar with what does and doesn’t work in your dietary line up.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that it still takes time to allow your intentional tract to heal. A good basic time frame to shoot for is a six week healing period. Avoiding foods with lectins this time around during the healing period. In the meantime, the introduction of probiotic food is vital to balancing your intentional flora. This thereby effect and affects every aspect of your body’s functions.

So, where am I with my diet now… Lots of bone broth based soups with anti-inflammatory promoting vegetable I know to not bother me in any fashion. Protein heavy meals with vegetables, fruits and true nuts for snacks as I work hard to keep the carbs unprocessed in the meal plan, rice over pasta or bread and dairy free currently.

Working on brewing up a batch of kombucha from a scoby I grew from scratch. Getting really excited for the finished product. Besides clean foods, probiotics along with magnesium, boron and sodium bicarbonate, both as supplements and as a bath soak play a large roll in the supplementation I do besides the plant-based vitamin B complex and the good iodine I take.


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