Been busy…

Weathers starting to turn and I’m sitting outside taking a break from the day’s activities. Four years ago this wouldn’t have been how I would have started this blog post because I was sequestered inside simply in too much pain to move or I was asleep because of the medications.

Now, I’m in perpetual projects. I can’t say it isn’t what I imagined myself doing 4 years ago but then again I was left with no hopes, aspirations or dreams when the doctors I had been sent to and workers compensation got finished with me. A horror story in and of itself. I try to not dwell upon being stalked by private investigators, being sent to quack therapy departments who delight in personal torched above actual therapeutic practices… Oops… flashback, sorry.

Today I am thinking about my next phase of life. Where might it take me? We are certainly enjoying this little slice of heaven we are carving out here on a third acre with our dogs, the cats, the bees, the chickens and a garden plot we are putting in & prepping for next season. Something’s always happening here at the Happy Urban Homestead as we work towards ensuring we have quality honey, fresh eggs, organic fresh vegetables and fruits to eat.

I am going to have tend to the hive soon and see about locating my queen bee. I need to place the queen excluder on the beehive in the next few days so we can ensure and bees hatch before we harvest the honey supper we placed on the hive earlier this season. It will be fun.


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