Slower going than most recoveries, I haven’t buckled down and dove into the reprocessing of my diet for a few reasons. The first one being I’ve recently learned that lectins and something in coffee are bad for pain and inflammation. Absolutely loving anything Italian, I’m not exactly happy about these new discoveries considering that I just discovered iced coffee. Please do laugh because I am trying to find the humor in this rather than the opposite and they say laughter’s contagious.

I’m trying to figure out what foods I need to be extra careful over adding back in… When the laymen’s term “leaky gut” hit my radar once again. To be honest, I first heard it months ago and I thought to myself what “hogwash is this?”, ignored it and went on looking for answers. But like everything else that has shown benefit it keeps coming back into view with renewed information, enough so, that made me give it some serious thought.

With my doctor saying I don’t fully understand why you’re getting better just keep up the good work, to the individuals who say to me ” I tried that, it didn’t work for me…” And the ones who say “bullshit” diet can’t make a difference, holistic medicine is a farce and walk away ingesting synthetically derived medications begging the pill makers for a cure while having the “S.A.D.”, standard American diet, with no nutrients, no vitamins, no minerals, no fiber, good fats reduced and replaced by sugars to maintain texture and consistency it’s no reason we are S.A.D. all the time.

I am struggling to understand what happened to me, why am I different, what is it that I’ve done differently? Under the leaky gut theory … The candida from the overproduction due to the parasympathetic nervous system being out-of-control gets in through the permeated holes caused by lectins(?)… If you get to candida under control, change the gut Flora back to a more balanced holistic synergistic system it will allow the gut to begin to reheal. Effectively, it stops the permeability of the toxins that normally would not pass into the bloodstream from going into the bloodstream and spreading throughout the body. With this invasion, it becomes the cyclical symptomatic situation we typically find ourselves in fighting inflammation and the plethora of symptoms triggered by said inflammation from the very S.A.D. diet we are deluded into thinking is good.

Could this be what I’ve inadvertently done? Could I have lowered the candida through western medicine’s treatments with antifungals that it’s lowered the levels enough, that while then eating a diet more conducive to healing, partially healed my leaky gut? I’m letting everything I’ve read stew for a while before I digest the information further and produce a solid theory. But this still all goes back to what is it going to hurt to stop poisoning myself, nourish my body, improve my well-being if nothing else? But honestly, I truly feel that I can only get better if I learn and understand about leaky gut, figure out how to heal myself and go forward.


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