We Are What We Eat

What does my diet consist of? Keep in mind I don’t promote any specific diet. If I were to label where I ended up after processing through what I call an inclusion diet rather than an elimination diet because I started with one meat, one veggie, one fruit, one drink and every two weeks added back a food item for a trial period until I developed what I can digest easily, I’d say it is a cross between an adapted Paleo, Mediterranean type diet with American Fast Food crap intermingled and intermittent fasting.

At home, we are as organic as possible, fresh not canned, homemade rather than store-bought and over processed. I’m still figuring out how to recreate many of the condiments we use but things do take time. Quality over quantity… such as Avacado oil for cooking instead of Canola oil. Natural over GMO.

I will be sharing the recipes I’m gathering and using myself on Pepperplate. It has an app if you’re interested in the ability to adjust the serving size, automatically adjusting the necessary ingredients for you. It’s amazing. The web application of Pepperplate allows you to import from a plethora of places across the internet that I didn’t even know where available.

The really nice thing about it there’s not a lot of ads, in fact, there are no ads in the app and, there are no ads there either when you view my recipes. Check out the one I have for brownies here. I do hope you enjoy what I’m sharing.


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