Good Vibrations

Have you considered the vibration you put forth? Some call it hocus-pocus but truth be told it will come back a hundredfold. Words have energy.

Take for instance Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Molecule Experiment where he shows that water exposed to various words with extremely different meaning dramatically affects the crystallization of the water when froze and viewed under a microscope. The word love turns out a beautiful pattern where hate causes a chaotic pattern. This is proven time over again with various different words.

Then there’s the rice experiment where you put cooked rice in jars and then you ignore some and pay loving attention to others and some get it somewhere in between. The theory is that you will find that they deteriorate faster or slower depending upon how they were handled meaning how the jar, whether was just touched or not touched spoken to kindly or harsh, was treated.

How true this part is I don’t know because I’ve never done the rice experiment myself and to be quite honest my husband would go bonkers with rice sitting on the counter for the amount of time it would take. However, I have witnessed the effects of negative verbal conditioning by the adults in children’s lives and I can tell you that it does negatively affect their ability to blossom.

I know that when I go to doctor YouTube and doctor Google to start doing research into positive affirmations and how to really go about changing, actually rewriting my story so that it reflects my narrative instead of somebody else’s, what I find is… Neuro-linguistic reprogramming, cognitive-behavioral reprogramming and more. These are all things that we can also utilize in our lives as pain patients to reduce pain.

What am I suggesting? Anything positive. Talk to yourself, see yourself from the perspective of someone else, listen to soothing 432 MHz music to induce healing, start a positive affirmation journal, join an Uplifting group on social media be as kind to yourself as you would be to another suffering a similar situation and seek guidance from a qualified professional you feel you can trust.

Do ask yourself “what can it really hurt writing some positive words of affirmation on the water pitcher that you keep in the fridge”, or on your milk carton or any other container that you want to just slap some positive affirmations on. Whatever you do, if the narrative of your story isn’t a good one if you don’t like the way it’s going then, rewrite your story and stop writing someone else’s version of it.


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