Clinical Criteria for Gadolinium Deposition Disease

What is this you ask? Well, have you had an MRI with contrasting dye to get better results with which they could read? Yes? You need to read the above link…

I’m still at the stage of are you kidding me because I was concerned about them shooting the radioactive dye in my veins in the first place because I have a renal impairment that I’ve told them about…

I suppose my first move is to do the 24-hour urine test that’s discussed in the article to determine whether the toxic metals remain in my body based upon the fact that I have a disease that mimics the same symptoms. So, I suppose we need to decide what’s causing what.

But what’s next… This link here discusses some therapies. I hope you all know me well enough by now. Medical invasive procedures are the last on my list of try these days rather than first. In the article, I read Epsom salt baths…

Well, as they’re already a part of my routine I think I’ll just keep up the good work, do the testing, see where I stand with the toxicity, then we go from there as to whether I worry about this or not.


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