Anyone with a chronic illness understands that there is a road to Wellness. This road to your physical wellness health also includes your mental and spiritual health. With that comes a lot of honesty. Which ironically, besides idiosyncratic and tenacious, is something that I’ve been accused of many times before, brutal honesty. Fine! I accept it… 🙂

Yesterday, I was on the tail end of doing follow up to connections I’ve made because of the engagements on facebook when I’m uncomfortable and cannot sleep as that is really the only time I have for bias controlled media.

When it happened… An individual’s post, very passionate post about what they call medication shaming… That’s a new one for me and why does everything have to be interpreted as shaming because you have an opposing opinion?

Now, in the midst of writing this post with no intention of sharing this graphic ever, I either just now was booted and banned from the very group I was referencing for one of two reasons and I’m going to go with the obvious one first…

Because I took the screenshot of a conversation in a closed group and utilized it to reply back to the poster of the original posting to quote them in response to their reply of… “She figured I knew what she meant” to my statement of “I was really glad this policy of public opinion wasn’t in place before when someone stuck their nose into my business and told me about the medications that I was taking that the doctors and the pharmacist hadn’t apprised me of and I started doing my own research”.

Since I did not receive an admin notification stating that I had to destroy said screenshot with said private data and information available as to whom the poster was I’m going to guess… The reply that got me booted was where I stated with the above graphic, still containing their information and photo, that I believed that the narrative that she states here, in her post” is … “If you have anything to say besides stopping taking it that’s fine. If not, keep your mouth shut” can be perceived as censorship and Orwellian in nature. Now I can’t produce those comments because well again I didn’t screenshot them and I’ve been booted.

There is one other post that might have done it and I see it as a continuation rather than a separate issue because it was the community post I put out to this same community that after waking to the notification my first comment on the post I revisited the entire situation with different eyes, the eyes of a skeptic who hasn’t had their coffee yet and it makes me wonder are they a “big pharma” rep trying to control the narrative.

Either way, it is a group being controlled as to what they are allowed to see hidden behind closed doors on a bias social media site and it is really sad to see 15,000 people being done a disservice.


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