I had never heard of thieves oil, had no clue where it came from, why it came about or how it worked until I moved to a sleepy little town in Colorado where I met my neighbor who said, “OMG, you have to try this.”

I was intrigued and I began to study all about thieves. I read case studies and government research on all the ingredients and what I discovered made me question everything I was conditioned to believe.

I started implementing it in my homemade cleaning spray of white vinegar and vodka. Started diffusing it into the air in the cold & flu season.

Then I discovered what it did for the constant cold feelings in my feet and hands and placed it into an oil-based carrier, added some additional essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties in the mix and bingo-bango-bongo… I turned it into what I call a warming oil. You can find that under my “Lotions & Potions” link in the menu, I use it all year long.

In the three years since I started using my recipe of thieves oil blend, I’ve not had one cold or the flu in nor has the hubby. We traveled, spent time in the public, went to the store each week or more, at doctors offices. Ya know all those places you pick up a virus. I intend to keep using it.

In the meantime please do check out this article I’ve linked here it discusses their recipes and why they like thieves oil.


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