Ok, Lisa, stop thinking and start talking… We have theory all around us help me put this into action.

I get it, I hear non-GMO, organic, elimination/reintroduction dietary protocol, no chemicals in or around the house, your personal care products, blah blah blah…

What do you eat? What are some of your recipes? What is it you’re doing to get this improvement? – Signed Perpetually in the State of Pain

Thanks for asking, Perpetually. Let me hit on one piece of advice here. First talk to your doctor about any plans you have to make changes to your routine treatment or therapies.

Then start with an elimination dietary protocol where you initially eliminated all foods, spices included, to a select few, then make sure your good with those for a couple weeks, no inflammation or increased pain from what you’ve experienced previously, you can start the reintroduction process, wait and watch.

As you reintroduce watch out for items that cause you problems, most generally you will find processed foods, preservatives or artificial ingredients are a big no-no. This doesn’t mean you cannot have fried foods, it means you can have fried foods provided you use good oil, organic non-GMO ingredients and not three times a week either after you get your inflammatory response quelled. That is for me I find it increases my neuropathic pain.

SIDE NOTE: Yes, Aminosweet, previously known as aspartame, is natural however do you know where that natural product naturally comes from and what it naturally does to the body when you ingest this artificial naturally occurring sweet product?

Let me just recommend you Google the patent on aspartame read it very well, it will be quite clear what it is … Ok, spoiler alert it is collected bacteria feces đŸ˜” and when you ingest an artificial sweetener it sends a signal to the body to release naturally made chemical/hormone that supposed to attack and bind to that sweetener. When the sweet from fruit or sugar is not found in the natural form it then has to bind elsewhere and ultimately inhibits the body’s ability to lose weight. Please do a bit of the footwork yourself or just accept I’ve read it in a fairly credible place and followed up with research for myself which validates the information.

So, today, the hubby and I had a soup I made up, quite literally.

Let’s call it…

Beef & Bean Soup #1

I used leftover roast, onions, and carrots from the day before and I added water, corn, peas, kidney beans, hemp seeds, a bit of garlic powder, Himalayan pink salt, and pepper. Heat & Serve


Hubby said he enjoyed trying something new, the kidney beans were different but added a nice texture to the soup he hadn’t anticipated. I liked it, maybe fewer peas next time and try some black beans instead. Bon appetit!


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