I try not to accept articles at face value, most generally, but there are some sites I accept as legitimate alternative health facts resources where I do the follow-up research later on down the road rather than immediately and Collective Evolution is one of them.

Being a one-person team trying to manage all the in’s and out’s of blogging… is tough. In fact, I am still arguing with my creative team (you know… Me, Myself, and I) about the need for another article and video on “What I’ve learned CRPS is.”.

Ok back to my point… What we’ve been lied to about this time… Take your pick. Right? Well, today’s pick is regarding serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) for depression.

I don’t know about you but I was prescribed antidepressants to possibly prevent CRPS pain related to the depression I was expected to experience because of the disease that didn’t help any at all and that is exactly what Collective Evolutions article discusses. So, what else medically have we been lied to about?

I’m not going to lie to you. I did and still do from time to time experience depressive symptoms due to the effects of the disease, however, those depressive symptoms are normal. Let me say that again… Getting depressed because the old you, your aspirations, hopes, dreams, plans, everything for the future is dead now and a new future must be envisioned is normal. You have to redefine your role, your purpose, where you’re headed and how you’re getting there. You are going to GRIEVE. But when your down and you know why… a pill won’t fix the problem, only you can fix it through working through it.

How I learned to contend with and to deal with my depression is what made the difference. I fell back on the philosophy of “no matter where you go there you are” meaning it is possible to be your own problem.

Instead of wallering in the muck and mire that comes along with intractable pain, rather than accepting I was only going to get worse, I decided to become my own champion, I decided what the medical community offered was unacceptable.

One could say I come by it bright honestly. See, my great-grandfather, in the 1920’s with his 8th-grade education, would respond to my great-grandmother’s complaints about the cost of food going up with this… “Eva, I’d rather the money be spent at the grocery store than in the doctor’s office.”

I believe that he was spot on. We are what we eat, if we don’t put good things into our body it’s going to break down and we’re going to have to run to the body mechanic to see what we can do to fix it. Thing is it’s not like a vehicle; you can’t just pop out the dents, slap a little bit of Bondo on it, sand it down, paint it and call it good as new.

We have to rebuild it from the engine up, from the inside-out and that takes time. With CRPS being a neurological condition anyone who has any education on the body understands that it is a magnificent machine and it can regenerate faulty connections if given the chance. This has been proven through the rehabilitation of stroke victims so I ask myself then why can I not repair my faulty wiring?

I suppose what I’m getting at here is that we have been taught that the doctor is always right and the one in control of our health when in reality that’s not the fact. The truth of it is this… We are the ones in control of what treatments we decide to pursue or not pursue. It is our responsibility to make informed decisions regarding our own health based on the information provided to us by our proficient doctors who practice medicine and through our own research.

The right to try legislation recently passed allows terminally ill patients to try experimental treatments. Sadly, CRPS can be fatal that makes me a terminal patient as I see it and as such, I feel it is well within my right to try an alternative, experimental, unproven, treatment as opposed to what modern medicine offered me.


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