As defined by The Nation Institute of Health (dot) gov inflammation is ” – very generally speaking – the body’s immune system’s response to stimulus.” More importantly, it manifests as pain and there is something that can be done to help reduce the inflammation and thereby reducing the amount of pain and ultimately physical damage caused by whichever disease you are fighting. I’m not the one discovering this I am only an individual who has discovered the doctors who are sharing this information and I am then sharing my discoveries, my Lessons in Trial and Error, with you my fellow warriors.
You ask what about me, what is it I am fighting? How is it I feel qualified to share my journey of discovery with you. Firstly, we are all the expert on our bodies and what it is that makes them function best for us. Never settle for someone else’s “good enough”, always strive for more. I do have a medical background as a Certified Nurses Aide specializing in restorative nursing practices. I, myself, am diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (aka RDS), Spondylosis, Degenerative Disc, Scoliosis, hiatal hernia with acid reflux, seasonal allergies, drug and food sensitivities. I’m sure I am forgetting something but that is a good start.


Boron helps to reduce inflammation from which the resulting swelling, neuropathy, and edema dissipate. Boron also aids in regulating the parathyroid system, a vital component our parasympathetic nervous system effects. I am not a doctor, don’t play one on tv either but I have been sick. Moreover, I have improved from a diagnosis of devastation. I was in intractable pain and had deterioration to look forward to. My mind and body refused to accept the modern medication offered to alleviate my symptoms. Not one doctor discussed or recommended investigating the root cause.

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