Why Detoxify?

Credit: DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Upon entering the words “Detox Your  Emotional World” I received back this list of how to’s and where to go to detox spiritually, emotionally, and physically. All are mostly, I believe, areas an individual ought to explore for general good health, however, when you are living with an autoimmune related condition it becomes one of the if not the “key” components to your overall improvement.

As members of the regular, normal, world we tend to get trapped in the rat race. Seeing what is in front of us and nothing out on the edges. We miss what it is lying in wait to bring us to our knees. Sadly, we miss how those we keep near us are imparting their negativity upon our worlds. We are what we speak as much as we are what we eat, should that be unhealthy food or food for thought neither will help us to grow.
A good place to start is your social media connections such as Facebook. Though we tend to believe these individuals are of no influence upon our world it is contrary to the reality of it. Our brains will react to a movie as if you were sitting right there experiencing it first hand. I found the following article of great interest. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/unfriend-unfollow-unlike-zen-clutter-free-timeline/

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